You can take a breather,

We offer a grateful service that are relaxing bedclothes, a nice view of Wakayama, a French restaurant and cafe, etc.



Our hotel is on 11th and 12th floors of Wakayama Big Ai that is about 5 minute drive from JR Wakayama station.
It is a optimal hub for to go sightseeing places in Wakayama where are Koyasan or Kumano Kodo of World heritage and Nanki Shirahama.

About hotel

Insistence on bedclothes

We included comfortable double mattress in the style of pocket spring as standard equipment all the rooms. We were fastidious about good materials, the bedclothes is light and warm duvet.

  • Feather pillow is fluffy, soft and confotable.
  • Buckwheat pillow is firmer, cool and allow ventilation.
  • Tempur pillow (height 7cm/10cm) is good material that subducts slowly.
  • Low bounce pillow is good softness because materials return even you turn over in bed.

Please try pillows of 4 types.



We offer buffet breakfast. Enjoy a gorgeous meal perfectly matched to your mood with our colorful menu offering all the nurtients you need for your day.

Special deal

Popular with seminar, social gathering and exhibition

Meeting and hotel deal

¥10,000 per person / 20 - 100 persons


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Bed and breakfast

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